Part of my mission is to help others to take control of there health and wellness and through creating this dream of mine I wanted to create more of what I want to see in this world- that is authentic products that do not jeopardize the values for integrity and authenticity, part of that meant acquiring only the healthiest ingredients. I wanted to make sure I was supporting organic farmers and growers. I am done with supporting companies that sell products which are packed with chemicals no matter how healthy they claim to be on there cleverly well thought out packaging to fool you, and I am done with walking around  blindly and picking up products that are causing more issues then any good for this world we live in. I was once a victim and brought them all (usually because there isn't enough high quality products available) and with an icky feeling deep down knowing the conventional way of farming had so many hidden costs and the price that I am paying for is ill health. It is not worth it anymore. Does this sound familiar to any of you? I know a lot of you are starting to wake up and making new choices. I only want the best and I am sure you do too.  I am so proud that all of my products are certified organic because it is better for not only our planet but our health, the most important thing I can think of, without it, what do you really have? This is why I am so passionate about and why I put so much work into this range, because I want the best for my health and I want the best for others too!